Explainer: ‘Mute’ Kabila’s next presidential move, DR Congo waits


The Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) as at August 8 is still yet to learn whether or not its current president, Joseph Kabila, has plans of continuing as president and what plans he has to actualize that move.

The country is due to hold long delayed presidential elections in December this year. What looks certain is that the polls will hold but a key stakeholder – Kabila – has left all others at home and abroad wondering what he has up his sleeves.

The electoral body, CENI, has slated Wednesday August 8 as the deadline for the filing of nominations. The ruling party Kabila leads has yet to pick a candidate.

Kabila’s long awaited announcement on his next political / presidential line of action has almost always ended in a “no-show.” In an address to parliament weeks back, he spoke about national issues – even about polls holding – nothing on his political future

On an official visit to Angola last week, he reiterated that pledge that elections meant to have chosen his successor in 2016 will be held, then again nothing about his participation or otherwise.

The most recent instance was on Tuesday with barely twenty-four hours to the close of submission of candidature, Kabila entered a meeting with members of the ruling party. The meeting was widely reported as one after which Kabila’s successor was to be announced.

Reuters quoted spokesman Lambert Mende as confirming that a successor was to be named after the meeting.

In the wake of the latest “no-show” citizens, neighbouring countries and the world awaits what Kabila has up his sleeves. Political and security watchers insist that a successor will most likely be named. Citing the fact that anything pointing to staying on will cause a security crisis.


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