About Us

The African Voice journal is a development education newspaper set up in UK in January 2017 to give voice to issues affecting the African continent and Africans in the Diaspora.

Through painstaking research and unswerving devotion to the tenets of good and responsible journalism, it produces news and information on the processes, challenges and rewards of development projects in Africa.

It is the goal of African Voice Journal to publish critical but balanced reports about Africa and Africans in order to counter the often imbalanced and negative portrayal in western media. The African Voice Journal also aims to provide a platform for African immigrants in UK to contribute to public discourse, especially on issues that affect them.

It publishes news and information aimed at educating African immigrants about UK and the majority UK society about Africa and Africans. The African Voice Journal Newspaper is bi-weekly circulated all over UK, especially in major cities and town. The readership of the newspaper includes African immigrants and members of mainstream UK society.