Africa Cup of Nations 2019: All there is to know


All there is to know about the Africa Cup of Nations 2019. GOAL

Since Sunday, we have known the 24 teams that have qualified for the Africa Cup of Nations 2019. Discover all there is to know about the prestigious tournament here.

With the South Africa winning against Libya on Sunday evening (2-1) in Tripoli, the qualifying phase for the Africa Cup of Nations 2019 has finished. The pots are now complete for the grouping, and we know the 23 teams that will be heading to Egypt in June for the finals phase of the tournament.

The competition promises to be exhilirating, but from here to there, there are still some mysteries to be solved, such as the compostion of the 6 groups. This will be done in Cairo on the occassion of the draw. When will that take place? The response to that question and to several others is included down below. Throughout this presentation, you will become an expert on the 23rd edition on the Africa Cup of Nations.

Who are the 24 qualifiers?

As well as Egypt, the host country that quickly replaced Cameroon, 23 other countries will participate in this edition if the Africa Cup of Nations. (AFCON) A first since 1998, where just 16 countries participated.

It is the first time that the continental tournament has had as many teams as this, the majority of the main teams are there, but there are also some of the oldest African associations missing, thos being Congo, Ethiopia, Sudan and Zambia. There are also some new teams in this year’s competition, in fact there have never been as many as this year. Burundi, Mauritania and Madagascar will all participate in their first AFCON.

The list of qualifiers and number of previous participation.

Egypt 24

Tunisia 19

Madagascar 1

Senegal 15

Morocco 17

Mali 11

Uganda 7

Nigeria 18

Algeria 18

Mauritania 1

Guinea 12

Ivory Coast 23

Ghana 22

Kenya 6

Angola 8

Burundi 1

Cameroon 19

Guinea-Bissau 2

Namibia 3

Zimbabwe 4

DR Congo 19

Benin 4

Tanzania 2

South Africa 8

When will the draw take place?

The draw for the finals stage of the competition will take place in the Egyptian capital, Cairo, on the 12th April. Six groups of 4 countries, from each different pot will be drawn. The draw will allow each team to fully know their full schedule during the tournament as well as the dates of all their matches.

What are the pots for the draw?

The pots for the draw are already known, and they have been made based on the teams most recent FIFA ranking. Here they are below:

Pots for draw:

Pot 1: Egypt, Ghana, Tunisia, Ivory Coast, Cameroon and Senegal

Pot 2: Morrocco, Nigeria, DR Congo, Algeria, Mali and Guinea

Pot 3: Uganda, South Africa, Guinea Bissau, Zimbabwe, Angola and Burundi.

Pot 4: Mauritania, Namibia, Benin, Kenya, Madagascar and Tanzania.

When will the finals take place?

The finals will take place from the 21st June to the 19th July 2019. It will be played in 6 different stadiums. Egypt have hosted the competition on 3 previous occassions, and have been victors on 2 occassions


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