Malawi ex-leader Muluzi against savage politics, foul-mouthing President Mutharika


He was speaking on Wednesday during the opening of the United Democratic Front (UDF) national conference in Blantyre.

Muluzi, who is also the founding member of the former ruling party and its patron said Malawians should not stoop so low to call Mutharika names, saying he deserves respect as Head of State.

Muluzi’s son, Atupele, who is also the president of UDF, is in the Mutharika 20 member Cabinet where he is serving as minister of Health.

He said calling Mutharika names like ‘Amtchona’ was uncalled for and urged Malawians to stop.

“As a person who fought hard to bring democracy, I find it disheartening when people call the President names,” he said.

The opening ceremony was also attended by controversial Paramount Chief Ngolongoliwa and Mulhako wa Alhomwe chairman Leston Mulli.

Atupele went unopposed so too the secretary general Kandi Padambo as there were no challengers but the party has created the positions of four vice presidents for the north, the centre, the eastern region and the south.

At least 2, 500 delegates are attending the convention.

In an acceptance speech, the UDF president said there was need to move away from tobacco and maize growing, saying the crops’ future is fragile.

“Of course, at the heart of any progress must be a sustainable economy. A great deal of effort has gone into stabilising the economy over recent years; We have seen the dividends through falling inflation and improved confidence. However, only a very small number of people have actually benefited from this,” said Atupele.

“Having led the development of the economic recovery plan developed in 2013 I am clear that we now need to have a proper conversation as a country to decide what our new growth sectors need to be and what we need to do to unlock them. If it really is agriculture, then we have to have an honest conversation about how we create value rather than just survive,” he added.

He said once voted into power, he would find alternative crops such as soya beans.

Atupele also promised to improve the transport system once voted into power as well as improve internet services as farmers would easily find markets for their produce on the internet.


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