Changes to 🇬🇧 Uk immigration rules


Welcome to the July edition of the eNews.

We have some exciting UK immigration news for you this month: There are now an unlimited number of Tier 2 work permits available for health professionals. The Home Office has also announced that a new, interesting visa for entrepreneurs is in the works.

Staying with immigration, we explain why having a partner on a UK Ancestry visa makes your life a lot easier. We then move Down Under with a comprehensive guide to one of the most complex Aussie visas, the partner visa.

All this and more from 1st Contact and Sable International below.

Thousands of UK healthcare jobs up for grabs as Tier 2 visa limits are scrapped
Due to a serious shortage of medical professionals in the UK, the Home Secretary has lifted the restriction on the number of visas granted to medical professionals looking to live and work in the UK. If you’re a doctor or nurse, now is the perfect time to submit your UK visa application. Do I qualify for a Tier 2 visa?

The Home Office has announced a new UK visa for entrepreneurs that doesn’t require you to have a degree
The new UK “start-up” visa is specifically for foreign entrepreneurs looking to move to the UK. The one requirement, or lack thereof, that has everybody talking is the fact that you do not need a degree to qualify for this visa. The aim of this is to open business opportunities to a wider pool. I want to know more about this visa.

Why having a partner on an Ancestry visa is the best
Not all visas are created equal, and when it comes to bringing your partner with you on your visa, the Ancestry visa is definitely the best of the bunch. Partners of Ancestry visa holders enjoy certain benefits that other partners do not. What are these benefits?

A quick guide to the Australian partner visa
Anyone who has gone through the process will tell you that applying for an Australian Partner visa is no walk in the park. The application involves a two-stage process, and you’ll have to prove your relationship to the Department of Home Affairs. Help me get a partner visa.

IR35: Are you in or are you out?
IR35 legislation is spoken about with dread by most contractors across the UK, as it determines how much tax you’ll pay. Knowing whether or not you fall within IR35 is vital, as the penalties for not adhering to the IR35 rules are severe. Does my contract fall within IR35?


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